WONCA World Family Doctor Day - May 19th

Romanian National Society of Family Medicine Press Release #1 - RespiRo Group on Smoking Cessation
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Romanian National Society of Familiy Medicine Press Release #2 - Solidarity for Healthcare petition signed in 6 weeks by over 41.000 healthcare professionals and patients
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World Immunization Week 2016


The Romanian National Society of Family Doctors (SNMF) is the main professional association of family doctors in Romania. Established in 1990, the Society has 41 member organisations from each county, ensuring it is representative on a national level. Its main activity is improving family doctors' education and training through conferences, courses, workshops, dedicated working groups and other resources. SNMF also facilitates communication both between family doctors and with other members of the health system, acts as a voice for family doctors and their patients and represents family doctors in health policy matters. Through its Immunization Working Group, the Society succesfully works together with the WHO Office in Romania to improve communication about vaccination and other public health matters. SNMF's Young Family Doctors' Group has strong links with the Vasco da Gama Movement (the network of european junior family doctors) promoting among other projects professional exchanges around Europe. SNMF is a WONCA Europe member since 1994 and has links with other professional associations in Europe. 

The Executive Board and the Senate Members of the Romanian National Society of Family Medicine are constantly working to promote our speciality and to increase the professional activity of our colleagues.
We are aiming to complete the projects which we have initiated and are planning to start new ones

  • updating and modernizing the training curriculum
  • expanding the GP trainer network
  • increasing the quality of medical services
  • working towards consistent and standardized medical services 
also with help from our international representantives and working groups.
True to its WONCA member status, the Romanian National Society of Family Medicine is determined to take all the necessary steps so that the principles of the European Definition of Family Medicine, which are the foundation of our specialty, are known by the public and observed by our political leaders.